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About Us

How does a Forensic Child Psychologist and International Human Resource Practitioner end up in the kitchen? Passion. Chef Kitt Villasis - Corbin is a culinary enthusiast whose love for everything delectable and artsy is shown in her day to day lifestyle. Be it food, fashion or travel. Our brunch themes are mostly inspired by iconic fashion brands that most don't realize have beautiful back stories. 

Did you know that Thierry Hermès, founder of the brand actually started out making saddles?  He is one of the oldest fashion brands and initially only sold to the Europe, Middle East and Asian royalties. Or that Gabrielle "Coco" Chanel was very influential to other designers but was always at odds with them.  She would comment that Yves Saint Lauren has excellent taste the more he copies her.

Or that Christian Dior was an unashamed Mama's boy who initially wanted to become an architect but ended up studying political science. Oh, and did you know that Louis Vuitton's Alma bag was originally designed for Coco Chanel? All Louis Vuitton bags are handmade and takes a week to make.  

So when we say we know what craftmanship is, we look up to and pay tribute to these fashion houses, thus, they are the inspiration to our pastries and brunches. 

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