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  • Cancellation of your reservation be made no less than 24 hours prior. Cancellations can be made directly by you by calling us at 314-2221342 or send us an email following the instructions on your email confirmation.

Late Cancellation (Less than 24hrs notice)

  • In order to maintain consistently high standards of operation, late cancellations (less than 24hrs prior) will be subject to a fee of $15.00 per person that will be applied to the credit card on file.

Party of 6 and above have an automatic 18% gratuity.

As courtesy to other guests, we limit tables to 90 minutes maximum stay.

The parlour closes promptly at 5:00pm and last call for orders is at 4pm.

We book guests per seat.  Children with place setting has a $20.00 upcharge,

Number of orders should at least be commensurate to the number of seats reserved. 

We have the right to refuse reservation when guests exceed the number of  reserved seats upon arrival.


Please note that filling up of this form does not confirm your reservation. A Team member will be in touch to make the necessary arrangements.


Thank you for your kind understanding.

Thank you! A team member will contact you soon to confirm your reservation. Merci!

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